I have a weird name and have been called all sorts of things – it’s not that hard to learn to pronounce it, just ask

A YOUNG woman has revealed the strange name she received and the commentary that goes with it.

She said pronunciation is the usual issue with her unusual name and shared how easy it is to just ask.


Amorey Ramsey is a digital content creator who posts lifestyle videos on TikTokCredit: TIKTOK/@amoreyrams

Amorey Ramsey (@amoreyrams) shared the struggle in a video posted to TikTok.

“So my name is Amorey,” she revealed. “But what I hear most frequently is Amory, A Mori, and Armory.”

Amorey shared more of her thoughts as to why her name may be difficult for people to pronounce.

“Like I get it. I think people with weird names are used to being called all sorts of interesting things, but Armory?” she said.

She shared even more mistakes people make when trying to say her name.

“I also get a lot of Emery, which is fine.

“But here’s the deal, if you have a friend who has a weird name, just learn how to say their name correctly.

“Like, I didn’t know how to pronounce your name, either, until I did, Steven. Like figure it out, it’s not that hard,” she said.

She shared how she deals with the situation when people can’t seem to get her name right.

“I’ll pretty much just answer to anything that sounds like it starts with an A and ends with a Y.

“Just don’t call me Armory, please,” she said.

“If someone doesn’t learn how to say your name correctly it’s because they don’t want to,” she added in the caption.

The video drew in many viewers who shared their thoughts in the comment section.

“I feel this,” a TikTok user named Rhea wrote.

Amorey said that people just can't seem to get her name right and advised that they just ask how to pronounce it


Amorey said that people just can’t seem to get her name right and advised that they just ask how to pronounce itCredit: TIKTOK/@amoreyrams

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