EXAM TIPS! by: Zaynab Kosser-Bronte Girls Academy


Create a schedule- keep yourself organized so you don’t feel overwhelmed with the amount of work and remember to take breaks in between so you don’t feel stressed with the amount of content you have to learn.

Get a good night’s rest- Don’t revise for too long and give your body a break, remember you need to look after your own health as well!

Stay hydrated and eat good food- This is important to give your body sufficient energy, so you feel good when doing your revision and even when you are in the exam.

Use relaxation techniques- If you feel overwhelmed try using relaxation techniques so you feel more relaxed. Things like yoga, meditation, going for a run/walk or even taking deep breaths can help you to relax.

Don’t leave work to the last minute! – This will only leave you feeling more overwhelmed and stressed with coursework/exams. Instead start revising when you know your exams are coming up so you can feel more relaxed and when the exam dates are revealed you can just look over your notes.

Make flashcards- Make flashcards so that when your exam dates are coming closer or even on the day you can just look over your flashcards with important information on so you can just quickly remind yourself what you know and if that doesn’t work then try find out which revision techniques works best for you!

Miss Iman stated, “My exams are coming up and these will help a lot of people including me!”



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