A time to remember and celebrate your loved ones

For a number of the Britannia Care residents, St Valentine’s Day is a day to reflect and celebrate loved ones no longer with us. Staff understand that need and ensure residents can mark the occasion.

For others, it’s a day when friends and family can show just how much they care. While St Valentine’s Day allows us to demonstrate how much we love and care for our near and dearest, at Britannia Care the staff work hard to ensure that love and care is an everyday occurrence.

To make the decision to place a much-loved partner or family member in the hands of caring professional is always going to be tough, even though deep down we know it’s the right decision.

The team at Britannia Care fully understand the soul searching which has taken place for you to have reached this critical point of giving over the care of a loved one to strangers.

Britannia Care’s founder and director, Mr Choudhry Inayat Khan, has dedicated the 32 years Britannia Care has been welcoming people to ensure that all staff are trained to help you and your loved one make a smooth transition to placing this very special person in your life into their care.

Said Mr Choudhry: “We are here to listen and to understand. We sit down with the client and their family and walk them through what an individual care plan will look like and why it is important.

“At Britannia Care we offer a warm welcome. It is important that our residence feel at home and that Britannia Care is their home from home.”

Britannia Care is a purpose-built care home, designed and fully equipped to look after the needs of the people they care for – corridors and doors are wide, enabling the smooth passage of those who use a wheelchair or other supportive aids. There is lift access to all floors – again, designed to accommodate wheelchairs and supportive aids used by the residents.

Britannia Care director, Mr Anis Khan, added: “The environment here at Britannia is friendly and built around teamwork. This creates an environment which allows our team to deliver the care our residents deserve. A great atmosphere helps to deliver great care.

“We fully understand that our residents must be treated with dignity and respect at all times, and it is this approach that underpins our approach to care and Britannia Care.”

Being purpose-built, Britannia Care was able to include in the design important elements essential to providing high quality care, such as lift access to all floors and corridors wide enough to accommodate supportive aids, all of which, ensures residents have a place they can call their own.

The Britannia Care’s multilingual staff have a long history of providing care to the area’s multicultural community, with 32 years of experience, knowledge and understanding in providing expert care to a diverse clientele.

Britannia Care manager, Nina Butor, added: “Sharing is such an important part of life and at Britannia Care we share the joys, the fun and the activities with all the residents and staff. It is the perfect combination for the wellbeing of our residents, both long term and on a daily basis.”

As well as priding themselves on the facilities, activities and the level of care provided by Britannia Care’s highly trained staff, the group also pride themselves on being very approachable, ensuring that there will be a member of staff who you can talk to, who is only too happy to guide you through all you need to know about placing a loved one in Britannia’s care.

If you or a loved one requires a care provider, please contact Nina Butor, Britannia Care’s registered manager, on 01274 49 48 47, at your earliest convenience to discuss your care needs.

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