Thieves target cars in Ocean Village in Southampton

Police have been alerted to ‘opportunistic’ thieves stealing from car parks in and around Ocean Village on Saturday night. 

Officers have been increasing patrols and are urging owners to lock their vehicles and hide their possessions. 

Daily Echo: A police warning following a series of thefts from vehicles in Ocean Village, Southampton. A police warning following a series of thefts from vehicles in Ocean Village, Southampton. (Image: Daily Echo)

Posting on social media, police in Southampton, said: “It has come to our attention that multiple vehicles have been broken into, within car parks around Ocean Village.

“These occurrences seem to be in and around Saturday 5th February 2023.

“The majority of these offences are suspected to be individuals who are opportunists, looking for valuables left on show. Unfortunately, some vehicles are being left unlocked enabling these individuals to easily gain access.”

The statement added: “As always if you see anything suspicious or have any information relating to crime, call 101 or 999 in an emergency. This information may be invaluable and can help us identify any suspects.”

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