Southampton families urged to take advantage of Bluestar £2 fare cap

Bluestar passengers will be able to enjoy a cap of £2 on single bus fares and free travel for children under seven during the school break.

This firm aims to help people ‘feeling the pinch’ during the cost-of-living crisis.

Bluestar has signed up for the Department for Transport (DfT) scheme, which will see price caps in place until March 31.

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Nikki Honer, head of communications, said: “We are all feeling “the pinch” at the moment, and it’s presenting a real challenge for those who have taken time off to be with their children this half term.

“Customers can use any payment method, including tap-on, tap-off contactless, the app, and cash.” 

The price cap is applied to all services and will give residents a chance to visit some beauty spots in the county. 

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Nikki added: “What some people don’t realise is that the cap applies to longer journeys, which would give them the ideal opportunity to spend time together exploring attractions further afield. 

“For example, our Bluestar 1 route between Southampton and Winchester offers the perfect day out and is included within the fare cap. 

“People can also visit Salisbury with our sister operator, Salisbury Reds’ X7 service, for £2 per single journey.”

For more information about Bluestar services during the half term, visit:

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