I’m a fitness girl – my favorite days to go to the gym are Valentine’s Day and Super Bowl Sunday but not everyone agrees

GOING to the gym is part of many people’s daily routines but sometimes that means a crowded space, making it hard to get a good workout.

One fitness enthusiast chooses unconventional days to go to her local gym and some people think it’s strange.


Em, a fitness TikToker, said she chooses these specific dates to work out the the gym to ensure the machines are emptyCredit: TikTok/reallyemely

Em (@reallyemely) has more than two million followers on TikTok, where she creates fitness and lifestyle content.

In one of her videos, Em reveals her favorite day to work out. 

“Going to the gym on Super Bowl Sunday knowing that it will be completely empty and all the machines will be open,” read the text overlay on her video.

“It’s like a reward,” Em lip-synched.

In the caption, she added that she’ll do it again on Valentine’s Day.

However, others said they didn’t have the same results when trying out Em’s method.

“No bc I went thinking this and IT WAS FILLED WITH MEN and busier than usual,” wrote one person.

“If you’re not watching the Super Bowl then wtf are you doing?” wrote another person. 

A third person wrote: “There were too many people there!” 

Others were shocked by Em’s idea while some said they tried it for themselves and it worked out.


Another wished she had done what Em did.

“I would’ve gone but rest day but now I realized it was empty,” they wrote.

“I should’ve gone to enjoy it.”

In this year’s Super Bowl, the Kansas City Chiefs will face off against the Philadelphia Eagles.

However, some in her comments section said they didn't share the same luck


However, some in her comments section said they didn’t share the same luckCredit: TikTok/reallyemely

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