The many reasons why Southampton is a great place to live

The city has been named in the top 50 worst places to live in the UK, but we strongly disagree. 

While it’s easy to take where you live for granted, Southampton has a great deal to be proud of.

Location, location, location

Daily Echo:

We lucky Southampton residents really do have it all when it comes to location.

Dubbed the gateway to the world, the city is a short boat trip away from the Isle of Wight, a stone’s throw from the New Forest and just over an hour away from London.

In and around Southampton, you are never far away from the beach, waterfront or a woodland walk, plus there’s an international airport and plenty of cruise ships to board.

The arts

Daily Echo:

Southampton was a City of Culture finalist, just missing out on the 2025 crown.

Mayflower Theatre, and its little sister MAST, attract some top West End shows, as well as dance, opera, drama, ballet and comedy.

The city also enjoys a thriving music scene, top art galleries and superb nightlife, with cuisine from around the world available in some excellent eateries.

Saints and Hampshire

They may not be setting the world alight with their current run of form, but there’s no denying the huge importance of the Saints to Southampton.

There’s nothing quite like a match day at St Mary’s stadium when the city is buzzing and red and white clad fans fill the streets and give businesses a boost.

World-class cricket is also on our doorstep at the Ageas Bowl in West End, the home of Hampshire cricket and international fixtures.

History and heritage

Daily Echo:

You can easily find yourself in any one of a number of periods in British history. The medieval town walls, including the Bargate, the Norman-era St Michael’s Church, Tudor House, and the Mayflower monument give a taste of what Southampton was like in previous centuries.

Revered novelist Jane Austen lived in the Old Town of Southampton in the early 1800s.

The Titanic set sail from Southampton in 1912 and the city has a great maritime history, which you can learn about at the SeaCity Museum.

Parks and open spaces 

Daily Echo:

Southampton is consistently named one of the best spots for city dwellers who love parks.

In the city, you’re surrounded by 54 beautiful green spaces including Southampton Common, the various city centre parks, St James’ Park in Shirley, and Riverside Park in Bitterne Park.

And when East Park is lined with wisteria or Palmerston Park is in full bloom, there’s no better place to be.

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