My man tried to be romantic and bought us an M&S Valentine’s meal deal and I’m fuming – the main looks ‘horrendous’

A WOMAN shared her disappointment at her romantic M&S Valentine’s meal deal saying that the chicken main looked “horrendous”.

She explained that she asked her partner for steak and asparagus but instead got the prawn cocktail and chicken cordon bleu.


A woman shared that she was gutted with her M&S Valentine’s meal dealCredit: Mumsnet

The disgruntled shopper took to Mumsnet and asked others if they would feel let down by the selection.

She said: “Would you be disappointed with this as your valentines ‘cheap’ meal?

“When you ask for steak, asparagus and escalopes and come back with this instead.

“Think the main is horrendous.”

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Fellow Mumsnet users were quick to comment on the £20 romantic dinner.

One person said: “Not worth 20 quid, in my opinion. No veggies there?” and another added: “Not worth £20.”

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A third said: “I would be outraged. It would ruin my year.”

Another said: “It wouldn’t massively appeal to me as a meal, and those potatoes aren’t the greatest (much nicer done yourself and very easy).”

While another said: “I would be disappointed that £20 is considered a cheap meal from a supermarket.”

But some totally disagreed and thought the selection made for a great dinner.

One person said: “It’s a perfectly nice meal with some veg added.

“It isn’t steak as you appear to have asked for, but I certainly wouldn’t say it was a rubbish meal!”

Another said: “You said it was your Valentine’s cheap meal so as such it looks lovely. If you want steak and asparagus just buy that.”

A third said: “I think that’s lovely and would happily eat it all except the cheesecake. If they’d run out of steak it’s fair enough.”

Another said: “[My husband and daughter] had that chicken last night and both really enjoyed it.

“The steak, even the sirloin, didn’t look overly great to be honest.”

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