Lots of good times memories for the landlord of Horse Without A Name

House without a Name

Address of the pub:

75-77 Lea Gate, Harwood, Bolton, BL2 3ET

Landlord/landlady name:

Jon Nolan

How long have you been the landlord/landlady for?

11 years in March

Bar staff and their names:

Kirsty, Lynne, Liberty, Ellie and Victoria

Give us some history about the pub:

A local, community, pub located in the small village of Bradshaw in Bolton, set in the middle of a row of small cottages. When the first publican went to apply for his licence he was asked ‘What is the name of the house?’. ‘It has no name’ was the reply and so it has been the ‘House Without A Name’ or the ‘No Name’ as the locals call it, for close to 200 years. Originally built as two cottages they were joined together in approximately 1832. We were the winner of Bolton CAMRA’s Pub of the Season award. Traditional beams, flag flooring, and a restored open fire give the house a warm and cosy atmosphere.

Is food served? If so what’s on the menu?

We bake Carrs pasties on site and Chicago Town pizzas are available on request

Is there a beer garden?

Yes. We have 8 picnic benches to the front of the south facing property which in summer receives the sun all day long.

Most popular drink served is:

Moorhouses’ White Witch, a 3.9pc session pale cask ale.

Most memorable moment at the pub:

We were once locked in the pub because someone made a homemade bomb in a house opposite the pub. Football always brings in the crowds and leaves lasting memories like Liverpool in Europa League final 2016; England in the European Championships and World Cups.

Have you faced any challenges within the industry?

COVID, energy prices, staff shortages, supply chain issues, cost of living as well as prices for stock increasing. Even going back to the smoking ban. All these things have affected the hospitality industry, but we’re still here. Sadly a few pubs, bars and restaurants around us and nationally have gone and I fear there will be more to come. It’s also an opportunity to look at the business and focus on what we’re doing well and what works and what else we could be doing.

The best thing about running a pub is…

Meeting new people and making new friends

The worst thing about running a pub is…

Disrespectful customers

The perfect hangover cure is…

Don’t drink on an empty stomach and take some painkillers with plenty of water before bed!

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