I’ve got a big belly, small waist and big bum – ‘God really messed up’ when he made my body

A CURVACEOUS woman has described her figure as ‘messed up’ for having a belly, small waist, and a big butt.

Her unique sense of humor clearly resonated with many people, causing her TikTok to go viral.


Lara is a digital content creator and fashion fan with a unique body typeCredit: TikTok/laragiiii

Lara (@laragiiii) complained of her physique in a comedic way, wearing a jogger set and dropping to her knees dramatically.

“God after accidentally giving me a big belly with a small waist and a big bum,” she wrote.

Song lyrics singing “of course I f**ked up” played in the background of the viral video.

“So close yet so far,” she added.

Viewers shared their thoughts on Lara’s complaints in the comment section.

Some disagreed with her sentiments altogether, saying they were perfectly designed.

“It wasn’t a mistake we’re literally sexy?” one wrote.

“God don’t ever do anything by accident,” another added.

“BEST COMBO,” a third stated.

Several viewers overwhelmingly agreed with Lara and shared that they relate to her struggle.

“Never related to something more in my life,” one wrote.

“You are not alone,” another added.

“Definition of me,” a third commented.

“I feel this on every level,” yet another said. “Getting clothes to fit is one of God’s challenges for me I know it.”

She revealed her natural curves in a leather corset and leather mini skirt


She revealed her natural curves in a leather corset and leather mini skirtCredit: TikTok/laragiiii

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