Love Island 2023 LIVE — Fans all say the same thing about Tanyel as emotional dumping sends the villa into chaos

Fans think they know which girl will be dumped tonight

Eagle-eyed Love Island fans think they have worked out which girl will be dumped from the villa tonight.

And it looks like time is up for Tanyel.

One tweeted: “Wow. I just realized. This whole thing that they did yesterday. That weird conversation they set up with Tanyel and Shaq and how they’ve been editing her these days. They’re setting it up to dump her. They don’t want the same backlash they got with Zara.”

“So they’re trying to make the public dislike Tanyel and act like she’s this problematic person that everyone is tired of in the villa. This show is actually sickening,” another said.

“Either Tanyel or Ellie is leaving the villa tonight Ron def back with Lana, and Claudia will pick Casey,” a third added.

A fourth said: “The timing of Liv & Shaq’s little talk with Jordan is suspect at best! You can’t tell me this show isn’t heavily produced. They clearly want Tanyel out. Can someone please tell Liv the title of the show is Love Island NOT “Liv Island” she really thinks she’s queen.”

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