Apparently this plant-based salmon looks and tastes just like the real thing

But it’s not available to consumers just yet (Picture: New School Foods)

Veganuary is behind us, but with a plant-based diet becoming increasingly popular, more of us looking for ways to cook our favourite dishes, meat-free.

Well, this plant-based salmon could be just the ticket. It’s supposed to not just look, but also cook, taste and even flake just like the real thing.

New School Foods has developed this sustainable salmon alternative that promises to be virtually indistinguishable from the real thing.

The company, which is based in Toronto, Canada, said their team has managed to recreate elements of a salmon filet that include (brace yourselves), ‘aligned muscle fibres, connective tissue, fats, and other components’.

This is owing to their ‘proprietary muscle fibre and scaffolding technologies,’ apparently.

Apparently this plant-based salmon looks and tastes like the real thing

The ‘raw’ form (Picture: New School Foods)

Sounds intense, but food alternatives like this could be game-changers in sustainability, especially with over-fishing causing such havoc with ecosystems worldwide.

But for the moment, this plant-based salmon is only available for chefs to trial as part of their pilot programme.

Apparently this plant-based salmon looks and tastes like the real thing

Could have fooled us! (Picture: New School Foods)
And the ‘cooked’ form (Picture: New School Foods)

The fillets can also change from being ‘raw’ to ‘cooked’ in a similar way to actual fish.

They even have the same levels of Omega-3 as wild salmon.

The product will launch in North American eateries later this year, according to the website.

If you want to have a go at making your own vegan smoked salmon, check out these tasty recipes.

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