St George’s Hall at Windsor Castle

This Virtual Tour shows St George’s Hall in Windsor Castle, set for a State Banquet. There are two State Visits each year, and the visiting Head of State is welcomed with a banquet on the first evening. The Queen gives a speech and guests include diplomats, senior government figures, and community and foreign nationals related to the visiting country. 

St George’s Hall had to be rebuilt after the fire of 1992, and features a ceiling studded with the coats of arms of every single Knight of the Garter since the order was founded in 1348.  The armoured figure on horseback at the east end of the hall is known as ‘The King’s Champion’. The Champion used to ride into the Coronation banquet held in Westminster Hall, throw his gauntlet three times and challenge anyone to deny the authority of the new sovereign.

St George’s Hall is also used for receptions and is on the public visitor route throughout the year.

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